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June 26, 2009



Feature Artists #10!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2009, 7:50 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: My Ipod
  • Reading: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
  • Watching: Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama,HGTV,Fringe,Bones

Welcome to the Feature Artists Page #10

Feature Artists From April 2008 - July 2008!
Feature Artists #2 - August 2008 and Special August Artists- Matsuricon 2008
Feature Artists #3 - September 2008 and Special NBC's Heroes Feature Artist for Welcoming back Season 3
Feature Artists #4 - October 2008
Feature Artists #5 - November 2008
Feature Artists #6 - December 2008
Feature Artists #7 - January 2009
Feature Artists #8 - February 2009
Feature Artists #9 - March 2009
Feature Artists #10 - April 2009

III | Lilly Peacecraft by Virus-AC

Forever Lover by strawberrygina Red String 4 - Eiji x Reika by strawberrygina :thumb109686096:

cosplay addict by rotten-strawberry Dino and Noraboo by rotten-strawberry Little Moon by rotten-strawberry

Tsukino Usagi Cosplay by renataeternal Princess Indecisive by renataeternal SailorMoon and Luna by renataeternal

:thumb80453220: :thumb80452863: :thumb80291238:

Sailor Moon SuperS by Cheetah-chan The Last Melon by Cheetah-chan Love Hina Again by Cheetah-chan

Sailor Venus by Milkymilla Sailor Jupiter by Milkymilla Sailor Moon by Milkymilla

:thumb96781512: :thumb88184041: :thumb93846034:

Sailor Moon Drunk v4 by Maqqy96 Sailor Mercury by Maqqy96 Earth Fairy 2008 WIP by Maqqy96

Sailor Moon omg by junsui l i g h t by junsui S K E T C H by junsui

Joy by shirotsuki Rachel-Bells by shirotsuki It's Party Time - Anime USA by shirotsuki

give and take by einlee Evening by einlee Okami - Summer Moon by einlee

Fallen by artsangel Minuscule by artsangel Jonas and Anya by artsangel

The Magician by KmyeChan The Feeling of Quiescence by KmyeChan My Doll - Free at last by KmyeChan

:thumb116831031: :thumb116392557: FFXI Group Pic 1 by Daluna83

Scribble in the Studio by asteraascended CLANK by asteraascended France Painting 4 by asteraascended

Chinese Zodiac: Ox by ghost Chinese Zodiac: Cat by ghost Chinese Zodiac: Dog by ghost

Venus Unchained by NekoAthena Yoari by NekoAthena .:.Destruction.:. by NekoAthena

Prince Demando meets Seiya Upd by kuroitenshi13 Magnets SM fanart Inner Senshi by kuroitenshi13 KotW Easter Special by kuroitenshi13

Drink the Rainbow Tee by fuish Night Walker Illazilla Custom by fuish Me Plush You Week 2 UNDEAD by fuish

Fae Dragons by neondragon Hugs Plz by neondragon

Lee Lee by Suburban-Samurai NNFB stand-alone page by Suburban-Samurai

:thumb22900057: An Intimate Portrait by LMJWorks Goddess of the Sun by LMJWorks

Merry Christmas by Kinky-Typo Prince of Persia by Kinky-Typo DA Demoness by Kinky-Typo

bad man by Jack-Stark anime Pepper by Jack-Stark Invincible, v2 by Jack-Stark

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