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Feature Artists #3!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2009, 8:26 AM

Welcome to the Feature Artists Page # 3

Feature Artists From April 2008 - July 2008!
Feature Artists #2 - August 2008 and Special August Artists- Matsuricon 2008
Feature Artists #3 - September 2008 and Special NBC's Heroes Feature Artist for Welcoming back Season 3
Feature Artists #4 - October 2008
Feature Artists #5 - November 2008
Feature Artists #6 - December 2008
Feature Artists #7 - January 2009
Feature Artists #8 - February 2009
Feature Artists #9 - March 2009
Feature Artists #10 - April 2009

September Feature Artist

:iconsetsunakou: (Who made my lovely Zechs Plushie!!!!)
En Bateau - Shinobu x Nami by SetsunaKou Infinite Jupiter OC 4 Ft Plush by SetsunaKou Zechs Plushie by ZechsMerquise

:thumb77305084: :thumb53410514: :thumb82223773:

Kaioh Michiru by TakagiNaoSama Pikmin by TakagiNaoSama Haruka by TakagiNaoSama

Interactive Adam by iluvbsbkevin Shall we save the world? by iluvbsbkevin MWAH MWAH MWAH by iluvbsbkevin

Shiromadoshi's Shin-Ra ID by ShIrOmAdOsHi Zegrim by ShIrOmAdOsHi

Mature Content

Demon Jugs by ShIrOmAdOsHi

:thumb96349763: :thumb23888861: :thumb78095777:

Parallel Sailor Moon Posterfnl by KinnoHitsuji Tokyo Tower by KinnoHitsuji BSSCM Page 02-03-sk by KinnoHitsuji

EEnE - Miss you by EphemeralComic OC - Bon appetit by EphemeralComic :thumb83759525:

PAL4:Candle Dragon by remocholy :thumb95834214: :thumb79784410:

:thumb36621496: The Princess by bewareofninja Do Not Want by bewareofninja

suikoden V: dragon knights by AnnaWieszczyk :thumb89933805: :thumb86645904:

Cherry Blossoms by BishonenHouse The Man with no Name by BishonenHouse Sephiroth by BishonenHouse

:thumb93656869: The Victorian Circus by nati The Mole by nati

Black Lady by mariehchan Jupiter by mariehchan + Target + by mariehchan


Mature Content

Trade with Aya-coloured by angelcandi
:thumb13880723: gaia commission by angelcandi

Sailor Saturn by LimKis Sailor moon  Eternal by LimKis She by LimKis

Isuzu by cheesecake-quatre Mercury Swuimsuit by cheesecake-quatre For My Eternal Love by cheesecake-quatre

:thumb96786770: :thumb92015756: :thumb91122950:

:thumb92719907: :thumb90214407: :thumb88835259:

Powerpuff?...girl fanart2? by Readman sailor moon commission fanart by Readman Chinese by Readman

Midnite Star Valentines by StarMasayume Fantasy Trio by StarMasayume Dream Weavers Revised by StarMasayume

c.c.'s pizza by belyaal black-veined panda ACEO by belyaal Fullmetal Chibichibi by belyaal

.:SM Tired:. by cosplay-muffins .:SM cutest Mercury Evah:. by cosplay-muffins .:SM First shot:. by cosplay-muffins

Hoshi-no-Hentai by Asha47110 Reunited by Asha47110 After the Cure by Asha47110

All My Demons Cast A Spell by Quietharm Excel's Gonna Eat Menchi by Quietharm Sunny Rin by Quietharm

Sailor Mars -Fire Soul- by LeyWink Pluto's Bad News by LeyWink :thumb17361940:

Special NBC's Heroes Feature Artist

Interactive Adam by iluvbsbkevin You will Suffer. by iluvbsbkevin Shall we save the world? by iluvbsbkevin


NO MORE HEROES by tickledpinky

:thumb55867754: :thumb70687513:

Peek at the Big Heroes piece by jasonpal Heroes pencils by jasonpal Mo Heroes Sketch cards by jasonpal

Heroes by Blaze0ne Heroes- Claire WIP Screenshot by Blaze0ne Micah Painting Process by Blaze0ne

Heroes by bassisnyazed Flying Petrelli by bassisnyazed Peter and Hiro by bassisnyazed

Heroes cards: Hiro by lllaria Heroes cards: Peter by lllaria Heroes cards: Niki by lllaria


Hiro Nakamura Heroes by flatfourdesign Sylar Version II by flatfourdesign Ando Masahashi Heroes by flatfourdesign

heroes by bolsitamarsupial

Hiro from Heroes by Squisherific Claire Bennet by Squisherific

Niki and Jessica - Heroes by amy-art

heroes by melissy90



:icondaviddeb: (Note-Hint Hint I want Adam!)
Hiro total happiness by DavidDeb X-files by DavidDeb An Heroe's Shadow by DavidDeb

Kensei page by typhon9 Heroes, Takezo Kensei by typhon9 Heroes- Kensei by typhon9

*If you are an Heroes FanArt Artists and didn't see your work listed, please feel free to coment/reply to me so that I can add you to the list^.^ This is a ever growing list! Thanks!

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