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Feature Artists #6!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2009, 8:24 AM

Welcome to the Feature Artists Page #6

Feature Artists From April 2008 - July 2008!
Feature Artists #2 - August 2008 and Special August Artists- Matsuricon 2008
Feature Artists #3 - September 2008 and Special NBC's Heroes Feature Artist for Welcoming back Season 3
Feature Artists #4 - October 2008
Feature Artists #5 - November 2008
Feature Artists #6 - December 2008
Feature Artists #7 - January 2009
Feature Artists #8 - February 2009
Feature Artists #9 - March 2009
Feature Artists #10 - April 2009

December 2008 Feature Artist

Animelove 3 by NekoAthena new DevID by NekoAthena Happiness is Mandatory by NekoAthena

Snow White and Rose Red by LMJWorks Pink by LMJWorks Fiona the Curious by LMJWorks

ROCK LEE FULL FORCE by 5000WATTS Battle Time by 5000WATTS Super Real Pencils by 5000WATTS

why can't we . . . ? by ryuuenx

Sailor Drama 33 by SenshiStock Sailor Artist 3 by SenshiStock Sailor Meguin + Tuxedo AJ 4 by SenshiStock

Ghya Senshi by sakkysa Sailor Titan Plushie by sakkysa Esmeraude - Otakon 2008 by sakkysa

:iconsakkyssailormoontoys: (This is my friend's Sailor Moon Collection Gallery)
1000 Edition ESM 1 Poster by SakkysSailormoonToys PGSM Sailor Luna Doll by SakkysSailormoonToys PGSM Set of 5 Gashapon by SakkysSailormoonToys

:thumb98823417: Codename wa Sailor V by ofLoveandBeauty Sera DarkMyu by ofLoveandBeauty

Luna Lovegood by strawberrygina Threads Book 2 by strawberrygina RS Vol 3 - Makoto x Karen by strawberrygina

Will you be my Master? by Athena1chan Queen in Heart - Trinity Blood by Athena1chan Sad girl by Athena1chan

Winter Rose WP by Lilyas My Whole World For YOU - WP by Lilyas Purple Christmas CARD by Lilyas

The last fight of David by Vyrhelle-VyrL Close to fire by Vyrhelle-VyrL Under the stars - color by Vyrhelle-comm Because cursed will be... by Vyrhelle-VyrL Hidden Love - Version 2 by Vyrhelle-VyrL In shadowy light of a new dawn by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Open_Book. by ghost Red Queen Fairy by ghost the mystic. by ghost WIP: Trinity Blood II. by ghost Deathdrops by ghost

graveyard_fun. by rotten-and-diseased head_music by rotten-and-diseased alice_addiction. by rotten-and-diseased

SPRING by yaamas SUMMER by yaamas Tooth Household Fairy by yaamas Moon Household Fairy by yaamas Meadow Faery Figurine II by yaamas Dusting Household Fairy by yaamas

Bookmark Boys by algy Recumbent by algy Strays - Vol. 1 Cover by algy

fox's magic of transformation by gimei botan by gimei Night by gimei

Happy Birthday, Zuki by Yoccuri Tegaki Sailor Senshi by Yoccuri TOO cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs by Yoccuri

Zap: winter 2008 by Lepas No Need for Bushido by Lepas peter parker hearts mary jane by Lepas

0809 Fanart Chibis by celesse 0809 Fanart Chibis by celesse The Von Helson Sisters by celesse

Serenity Ornament by thedustyphoenix Streets of Venice by thedustyphoenix Spring Shower-scrapped by thedustyphoenix

:thumb105199271: :thumb102236102:

River and Benedict 02 by OCD-4-BJD Lysander CP harang mod by OCD-4-BJD the rock tower by OCD-4-BJD

Snape 1 - Introduction by santagro Nyash - Meo's cat by santagro LoveLess by santagro

Wish things were different... by Eilish Fairies by Eilish The sunset on a pond by Eilish

A Special Day - Page 06 by Asarea Elven Geisha by Asarea At 'Flourish and Blotts' by Asarea

rosencrantz and guildenstern by AnnaWieszczyk suikoden V: dragon knights by AnnaWieszczyk :thumb88534097:

Moonlight by saraqael Tsukino by saraqael Stage On by saraqael

Heroes -Beyond Pandemonium by DavidDeb Twilight by DavidDeb X-files by DavidDeb  

Sailor Senshi by SChappell

Three Kingdoms - Xiao Qiao by Artgerm Manga Studio Debut 4 by Artgerm Pepper Standee by Artgerm

commission - The Quest by Go-Devil-Dante L has something cool to show u by Go-Devil-Dante Bishie Pyramid by Go-Devil-Dante

CharacterDesign8 by Teruchan Virgo by Teruchan character Design6 by Teruchan

Other Character Doodles by Woodland-Mel Redo: The Story Of... by Woodland-Mel Sheik Transformed by Woodland-Mel

Reitan Na by THE-SEXY-BEAST no cottoncandy lvl.7 by THE-SEXY-BEAST The Amalgamut by THE-SEXY-BEAST

Night Flora 7 by Pyey

:thumb85918982: :thumb59034889: :thumb52778626:

Pepper Dolls by atanbz :thumb103722596: The Fifth Hokage , Tsunade by atanbz

One Big Happy Family by diamantestudio Original Character Design 2 by diamantestudio Meet the cast by diamantestudio

Pepper Moods II by voody :thumb93875657: Protect Me by voody

Mary Jane statue by diablo2003 Sweeney Todd by diablo2003 Princess leia by diablo2003

Firelight by KrisCynical Reunion -- Colored by KrisCynical Secluded Kiss by KrisCynical

Secret passage by jjnaas Forgotten Palace by jjnaas Nizna X 2 by jjnaas

Baby It's C o l d by SenzaFallisce Bound to Nature by SenzaFallisce Running With the Big Boys by SenzaFallisce

Gore Say Thanks :3 by Ludra-Jenova :::+Lilium+:::God's Realm::: by Ludra-Jenova Sweet Hope by Ludra-Jenova

Fight of the Fallen by arcipello The Bionic commando by arcipello Bright eyes by arcipello

Holidayz by StarMasayume Anime Pumpkin 2008 by StarMasayume Me n' My Video Game by StarMasayume

:thumb97467989: :thumb93822558: :thumb71512422:

The Little Mermaid by rogner5th character design by rogner5th Kagari by rogner5th

:thumb105121394: :thumb104222789: :thumb93559470:

Chanson de Toile by kara-lija ...The Reverse... by kara-lija Early Dawn by kara-lija

Anima: Zealot by Wen-M Anima: Marionette by Wen-M Anima: Elienai by Wen-M

HongKong by dorset Miku and butterfly's grave by dorset Festival-OnlineDoujinshi by dorset

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