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February 15, 2009


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Feature Artists #7!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2009, 8:27 AM

Welcome to the Feature Artists Page #7

Feature Artists From April 2008 - July 2008!
Feature Artists #2 - August 2008 and Special August Artists- Matsuricon 2008
Feature Artists #3 - September 2008 and Special NBC's Heroes Feature Artist for Welcoming back Season 3
Feature Artists #4 - October 2008
Feature Artists #5 - November 2008
Feature Artists #6 - December 2008
Feature Artists #7 - January 2009
Feature Artists #8 - February 2009
Feature Artists #9 - March 2009
Feature Artists #10 - April 2009

January 2009 Feature Artist

NVIDIA Visual Speak Entry by SkellyKat Waiting by SkellyKat Memories on a tilted horizon by SkellyKat

:thumb108424240: :thumb83211223: :thumb34696362:

-Miss 7th Heaven- by tomuyu ...Mid-Dress... by tomuyu Lineart - OC - Nola by tomuyu


Feuertanzer by jaubrey Atlantean Vexen Bookmark by jaubrey Axel Plush - Version 1 by jaubrey

School Days by QueenoftheCute by danes-sweety EB - Psylocke - revisited by danes-sweety David Wenham Bookmark Set by danes-sweety

Tiger Scorpion Asana by Archer362 Perhaps. by Archer362

SxN Collab... again D: by pineapplebes Youkai Soup :9 by pineapplebes StarlightStarbright by pineapplebes

Masquerade by ZhdaNN Stilllife on glass by ZhdaNN Poloz's bride by ZhdaNN

OASE - Promo Poster 2 by zeiva Window to My World by zeiva Glass Kingdom by zeiva

-To Toro Totoro- by ZombiDJ Rabbids charm by ZombiDJ -Flora- by ZombiDJ

G00 Neil Dylandy by Virus-AC LS Vampirates by Virus-AC

Me Plush You Teaser 2 by fuish Choco Cotton Candy Valentine by fuish Let it Snow Purse Design by fuish

GA: Sachas Ketzozki by aisazia GA: Jynx Chibi by aisazia PI: Group Ref by aisazia


Comic Fiesta 2008 by ethe A Very Dirty Bird by ethe Her World by ethe

Punk Pixies by LMJWorks Godsend by LMJWorks Kirschwasser by LMJWorks

puchiko by akicafe kanji magnets by akicafe Inuyasha- Bishonen Version by akicafe

tink's home by briannacherrygarcia dog will hunt by briannacherrygarcia smile for the camera by briannacherrygarcia pimpin' merlin by briannacherrygarcia :thumb33459958:

So have I for you by lily-fox Hatter25: comfort by lily-fox Hatter25: repair by lily-fox

Meg and Hercules 03 +OLD+ 04 by LPDisney Chalk Color Shir Art +OLD+ 99 by LPDisney

:thumb107693767: Threads Book 2 by strawberrygina Sailor Moon - Serenity by strawberrygina :thumb71056623:

c-angel--holidays 2008 card. by ryuuenx

13 Cubes Please... by DreamworldStudio Desktop - Transcendence by DreamworldStudio MCL Halloween 2006 by DreamworldStudio

New Character Chart by bleedman cartoon character chart by bleedman Ginger by bleedman

Graphics, CSS and Design by TrashyDrago
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aisazia Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009
Aww thanks for the feature again! :hug:
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