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Lost Princess Of Nebula Contest!

Mon Nov 2, 2009, 6:51 PM

Welcome To The First Ever Lost Princess of Nebula Contest!

About Lost Princess of Nebula
Lost Princess Of Nebula is basically about my main character- Yuri Tsukiyama (also known as Lilly Peacecraft | Lilly Tsukiyama) who is trying to figure out about her past and who she is. (This story is currently in a planning stages of being coming an computer animation | webcomic | graphic novel series- Note: Some Names will be changing do of copyrights when the finish product comes out).

(Note- Most of these character do not have an character sketch. Right Now Lilly, of course Milliardo, and very early drawings of Isabelle, Celia and Milliardo Jr. of Lilly's Children)
Name of Characters- (Note: English Name listed first then/ Japanese Name listed)
Tsukiyama Royal Family- On Planet Nebula
Tsukiyama, King James/Je-Muzu
Tsukiyama, Queen Isabella/Izabera
Tsukiyama, Prince William/Wiriamu (Eldest Son|1st Child)
Tsukiyama, Prince Brian/Buraianv (Middle Son|4th Child)
Tsukiyama, Prince Lance/Ransu (Youngest Son|7th Child)  
Tsukiyama, Princess Elizabeth (Liz)/Erizabesu (Eldest Daughter|2nd Child)
Tsukiyama, Princess Christina/Kurisuti-na (2nd Eldest Daughter|3rd Child)
Tsukiyama, Princess Ariel/Arieru (3rd Eldest Daughter|5th Child |Twin-Princess Crystal/Kurisutaru)
Tsukiyama, Princess Crystal/Kurisutaru (Middle Daughter|6th Child |Twin Princess Ariel/Arieru)
Tsukiyama, Princess Yuri/Lilly (Youngest Daughter|Youngest Child|8th Child)

On Plant Earth
Lilly's Adopted Family (Mother, Father and Daughter) (They do not have name right now, because I never gotten around to name them. But I will come up with some names soon and post them soon)

Lilly (Note- This is Tsukiyama, Princess Yuri/Lilly)
Isabelle/Izaberu (Lilly's 2nd born and twin to Eve. Named after her grandmother, Lilly's Mother.)
Milliardo Peacecraft|Zechs Merquise

Tsukino Usagi
Brief, Buruma
Vegeta (Childhood Friend|Father of her 2 twin girls- Eve/Ibu(died at age 2 from a disease) and Isabelle/Izaberu (Named after her grandmother, Lilly's Mother.))
Higurashi, Kagome
Relena Peacecraft

Lilly and Vegeta's Children (While Lilly was on Planet Vegeta)
Eve/Ibu (her first born and twin to Isabelle, but died at age 2 from a disease)
Isabelle/Izaberu (her 2nd born and twin to Eve. Named after her grandmother, Lilly's Mother.)

Lilly and Milliardo Peacecraft's Children
Peacecraft, Celia/Shira (Eldest Daughter|2nd Child)
Peacecraft, Katarina (2nd Eldest Daughter and Twin to William/Wiriam and also Named after Milliardo's mother|3rd Child)
Peacecraft, Milliardo Jr./Mira-do (Eldest Son|1st Child)
Peacecraft, William/Wiriamu (2nd Eldest Son and Twin to Katarina|4th Child and Named After Lilly's Older Brother- Tsukiyama, Prince William/Wiriamu)
Peacecraft, Van/Ban (Youngest Son|5th Child)
Peacecraft, Melissa/Merissa (Youngest Daughter|6th Child) <--Note- She makes an appearance at the very end of Lost Princess of Nebula. She has a much larger role in the sequel- Nebula Senshi.

Bio's for all Characters will be coming very soon!

Example Artwork
My character Lilly by lilly-peacecraft Nebula Senshi Cover by lilly-peacecraft <--Not in this price is some earlier sketches of Lilly's Children- Isabelle (Short Hair- Girl; top left corner), Celia (Long Hair- Girl; bottom left corner) and Milliardo Jr.(top right corner)

Example Commission Artwork of Lilly & Milliardo Peacecraft-
Milliardo and Lilly by takuto-kun
By takuto-kun

RL_Commish_Joyful Celebration by Ecthelian
By Ecthelian

CLijewsji Commission LillyZech by milliardofanclub
By MediaViolence

Badge Commission Lillychan by kuroitenshi13
By kuroitenshi13

III | Lilly Peacecraft by Virus-AC
By Virus-AC

This Contest is for to creator your own FanArt version or Character Profiles Sheets of any of the Characters listed above in your style. Most of these characters have not been draw out and also I'm looking for more FanArt to add to my "Lost Princess of Nebula FanArt Collection Gallery".  

Contest Begins and Ends (Midnight|11:59 PM - EST)

:bulletred: Accepting FanArt, Character Profiles Sheets,
:bulletred: Can submit as many entries you wish.
:bulletred: Must have credits listed in your comments-
Zechs Merquise © Yoshiyuki Tomino & Hajime Yadate, SOTSU AGENCY. SUNRISE
Any Characters From Lost Princess of Nebula © Meg Tyler (~Lilly-chan lilly-peacecraft ). Also if you have any reference(s) you've used or was influenced by someone please include their credits too.
:bulletred: ---Contest has been POSTPONE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE---

How to submit entries:
Just send a note to me ( lilly-peacecraft ) saying "Lost Princess of Nebula Contest" with the link(s) of your entries.

Grand Prize Winner- 1-year subscription, and Commission Artwork from me of your choice.
Runner's Up- 2-month subscription, and Commission Artwork from me of your choice.
Honorable Mention- 1-month subscription, and Commission Artwork from me of your choice.

(Also all entries will be feature in the "Lost Princess of Nebula FanArt Collection Gallery".)
Open! Feel free to send them in!

Any questions feel free to note me lilly-peacecraft thanks ^.^

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November 2, 2009