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dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ie dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ie dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ie
I'm still open for commissions! Check out my "Commission Information!" box towards the right for current updates! I have a store too. To find out more information check out my Lilly's Store Page.

dA Stamp - Requests Closed by lynkx-ie da Stamp - Art Trades Closed by lynkx-ie
*Note- Art Trades; contact me if you really want to do an Art Trades. I've been doing Art Trades at the conventions this year. Officially I haven't open up the Art Trades but I maybe opening them back up by the holidays. As for Requests at this time they are still closed!*

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Margaret "Meg" Tyler dA Blog Updates
November 23, 2012
Since getting back from Youmacon I've been busy with running between 2 jobs. So things have been a little heck. As for a review about Youmacon. I've been excited to go back since I had such a great time last year. I ended up with a weekend of losses and very unhappy how things were handle for a convention size for 11,000+ (don't know what this year's figure just from last year). Lets start from the beginning- Friday morning- I arrived in the Dealers Hall to wait to check in for the AA. Which the Artist DH shows up an hour later after the co-chair has to bring her in. I was just going to let that slide if that was the only problem for the weekend.... turns out that wasn't. The layout for the AA was all the way back of the Dealers Hall which would mean that people would have have to walk through the vendors first to get to us (not such a great idea, since most people spend most of their money at the first booth they see when coming in). The program booklets for the convention weren't available to us until Saturday late afternoon (which I head there was a printer issue). When I got my copy I notice that Artists were mention in 2 sentence under autographs with no mention that we were in the Dealers Hall. I heard people didn't know where we were unless they have came over to the Cobb Hall. Also my panel's info didn't make it into the book. Seems kind of weird since they have the summary posted on the website and I'm listed in the schedule. Besides the printer mess up and no signs posted in the Dealers Hall the weekend turn out to be the worst convention that I have been to in 12 years. And that is saying something. How do I tell someone who wants to come up to the convention to say I will never return again with the way how things were handle with communication and organization. Even the guests have mention that this year was very sloppy! Speaking of Guests I had a change to say hi to Sonny Strait, Scott McNeil and finally meet Brad Swaile! After waiting in line for a hour and a half to learned from a staff member that she was cutting us off in line and told us that he will not be signing anymore today (Come to find out that wasn't true). Brad was making house calls when he left and heard what happen. My friend- mucai ended up running into him and told him about how I was in line. I was so surprise when Brad paid a visited by my table to say hi and sign my gundam wing artbook. I have a picture with him that will be posted soon! Brad is such a cool guy (just like Scott said! :) )  

Spike the time schedule for my panel- Sailor Moon: A Celebration of 20 years! the panel went very well. I've heard some reviews posted on livejournal and through the forums which I have to say a BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CAME! I should have pictures and video footage up shortly on here and facebook. For those that have attended my panel are are on here feel free to comment. I love feedback! Once I find some extra time. I'll post a link in this journal to let you know.  :)

Over all I would give Youmacon a 2 out of 5 rating. I will mostly not be going back to the conventions. If I can not make the money then it isn't worth the drive up. I may give them 2 to 3 years then rethink about it but at this time I'm just so unhappy with this year.

Onto Art Special Offers-
Coupon is good until 12/31/2012 for Online purchase just let me know-
Lilly's Artist Alley Coupon 2012 by lilly-peacecraft

Also until 12/31/2012 when you purchase or commission more than $30.00 you will receive a free gift from me and 20% off your order.

Special Time Offering
I'm also offering charcoal portraits that will be framed at 5x7 or 8x10 sizes and Digitally colored portraits on the computer and printed out and framed at 5x7 or 8x10 sizes. You will also receive the CD that containing the art files with your Digitally colored portraits.
Charcoal portraits for a total of $40.00 (doesn't matter how many people in the portrait. That is a $55.00 saving. Originally- $95.00)
Digitally colored portraits for a total of $50.00 (doesn't matter how many people in the portrait. That is a $100.00 saving. Originally- $150.00)  

I still have a few Limited Grab Bags (Large size or Small Size) *Once there gone there gone*
Limited Discontinued Grag Bags- SOLD OUT by lilly-peacecraft
*5 of the Larger size and 5 of the Small size* so your welcome to contact me here.

Also my 50% Discount Section will remain open until all frames and mattes are sold. All my frames and prints are 50% off so feel free to contact if you like a frame piece of art either in 8x10 or 5x7 sizes or a print at 8x10 and 11x17(there are only 2 prints left of them).

that's it for now!
Older Journal updates
(Keeping only a few dates)
For previous journal click here for entries #1 click here for entries #2 click here for entries #3!

Messages from Friends!!!
A shout out to all my friends- if you like to have a message or commissions updates posted here feel free to note me. :)

Change a Life - Help a Deviant by StudioHarajuku
My friend sakkysa is raising money for a friend of her's that needs your help. Please feel free to check out the news journal. And you can read her family's journal about Sarah here!

My friend ManifestedDreams has high quality, acrylic jewelry featuring Octobloops. To learn more please check out her account-

kuroitenshi13 is currently running special commissions- BHCs and a Fundraiser. She is a need of some money. So feel free to check out her lovely art and help a friend in need. ^__^

BedeckedInBeads has this amazing jewerly (I love her Sapphire Hair Sticks) that you all should check out! She is will be clearing out all of her old inventory so please feel free to check out her gallery to see what she has! It's worth it!

Koneko128 makes these awesome bears out of seed bees. You can see an example of one on her icon. Once she gets the rest of her work up on dA please check out her gallery!

Feature Artists!!!
Below are some feature artists that I recommend checking out! So of these are are my favorites!
As for Feature Artist's
All Feature Artist's are now being Featured as Favorite Artists which you can view towards your left in a slide show. :) I found it was a hard for me to keep up with this. Sorry about that. If I later decide to go back to this I'll let you know.

Featured Artists Stamp by Kalisama
Stamp made by Kalisama
Feature Artists From April 2008 - July 2008!
Feature Artists #2 - August 2008 and Special August Artists- Matsuricon 2008
Feature Artists #3 - September 2008 and Special NBC's Heroes Feature Artist for Welcoming back Season 3
Feature Artists #4 - October 2008
Feature Artists #5 - November 2008
Feature Artists #6 - December 2008
Feature Artists #7 - January 2009
Feature Artists #8 - February 2009
Feature Artists #9 - March 2009
Feature Artists #10 - April 2009

Other News
Contests Updates!
*Tsuki Mubi's 7th Summer Annual PGSM Music Video Contest ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Check out the website for more details-!
---Summer Annual Contest ON HIATUS Thanks!---

*Lost Princess of Nebula FanArt Contest on dA (With prizes such as a 1-year subscription, 1-month subscription, 2-month subscription and commission artwork for the winner(s) etc)
Please go here for more information -->

Other Art news
*Fanart for 2010-2013- I'm working on a special fanart for Naoko Takeuchi it will featuring some of her other work (yes she has make other series besides Sailor Moon!) and some characters from Sailor Moon in one big collage. I'm going to draw it out and ink it then do it in Copic marker. That's the plan! Wish me luck!

*Collab with kuroitenshi13 ^.^

News about my clubs
Lilly's Club Updating Process-.
:iconliveactionsailormoon: :icontakeuchi-senshi: :iconseramyu: :iconmilliardofanclub: :iconasian-dramas-fanclub: :iconf4fanclub: :icondavid-anders-fans: :iconfamilyofmoonlight:

Open for Adoption
These clubs are still open for adoption-
:iconeiriyukifanclub: :icon183club-fanclub:
If anyone wants to take over these clubs feel free to note me! Please I would love to fun new owners for them, specially with the EiriYukiFanClub that has over 300+ members!

Adopted Out
has been adopted! Thanks Lafein and KaiserRJ for taking the club over!
has been adopted! Thanks Loralit for taking the club over!

Next Anime Convention
(For more information check out Lilly's Anime Cons Schedule )
2013 Schedule-
Planning Conventions in 2013!
Animazement May 24-26, 2013
Colossalcon June 6-9, 2013
Matsuricon Dates TBA

Artist Alley Confirm for 2013

Lilly's Fan Panels at Anime Convention
(For more information check out Lilly's Anime Cons Schedule )

Sailor Moon: A Celebration of 20 years! Fan Panel
New summary for Sailor Moon: A Celebration of 20 years!-
"It's Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary, and we're here to party! Check out our panel for trivia games, contests, and prizes. COME IN COSTUME! We're having a cosplay competition where you can win great stuff. Can't wait to see you there!" If you don't attend in the name of the moon you will be punished! All Ages

*This panel features a power point presentation- fan interaction, Prizes. This panel will be filmed so there will be video footage and a livestream (yes we will be live online depending on internet connection) section as well. If there are any special guests at any convention then there will be a section for that special guest to speak.

These Panels will be taking a break in 2012-
Naoko Takeuchi Fan Panel
Takeuchi Naoko or Takeuchi-sensei, what most fans call her, is best known for Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. But what over works has Naoko come up with? Come join us for an overview and discussion about her other works and how they compare to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon success. Also any latest news about Takeuchi-sensei as well. There will be time for a question/answer period at the end of the panel. All Ages.

*This panel features a power point presentation! If there are any special guests at any convention then there will be a section for that special guest to speak.

Hana Yori Dango Live Action Fan Panel
Come and join us for an overview about all the live action versions of Hana Yori Dango aka Boys Over Flowers. We will be covering how close and different the Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, China's Mainland live action versions are to the manga. There will be some highlights include clips from the Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, China's Mainland TV Drama versions and from the 1995 and 2008 Japanese movies. There will also be time for a question/answer period at the end of the panel. All Ages

*This panel features a power point presentation! If there are any special guests at any convention then there will be a section for that special guest to speak.

Questions or Concerns
If you have any questions or concerns Please Note Me! or email me at thanks!
Feel Free to mark my visitor map! ^.^

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

mucai Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
^_^ *hugs*
lilly-peacecraft Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
hugs :) Thanks for your help during the weekend!

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